Update 3rd December 2013

Today I woke up at 6:30 am. Did all my routine work then ate breakfast with Mosambi juice with badam. Then I read Shri. Sai Sacharitra and Ramayanam. Towards noon I saw “Abhiruchi” a telugu program featuring delicious food items. Then had lunch and took nap for a couple of hours. Then had delicious milk shake made by my mother. Took rest for about half an hour. Thought I would go out with my sweet husband but he came late hence postponed the idea for tomorrow. Had my dinner with 2 chapatis and capsicum curry. Then I got a bit of stomach pain and took rest for about half an hour. My mother applied oil and moov. Then walked for ten minutes and spoke to my uncle. I had a cup of cold coffee and it was super taste!

Got to know about the contest done by BarrierBreak but sadly couldn’t participate during day. Will surely do so next time. Oh! yes, I got to use gift vouchers!!!

It appears my baby is also taking rest for most part of the day!

Have an outstanding time ahead!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook

Facebook is being one of the most famous social networking site with its own pros and cons. Facebook has helped a lot to create personal brand for many individuals and for businesses. More over it is a major source of entertainment for people around the globe.

Advantages of Facebook :

1. Facebook for networking : Facebook is most powerful social media and social networking site. You can use Facebook to connect with your family, friends, work colleague and to meet new people. Specially this is the best way to find your school, college or any other old profile. Most of the people who know how to use computer and internet have a profile on Facebook.

2. Facebook for business : Talking about Facebook advantages for business, it is one of the largest site in the world where we are allowed to connect to everyone. Facebook allows the establishment of partnerships between various projects. Using Facebook fan page you can increase your brand value and social media presence for your business. Facebook helps you to find new leads and client if you use it properly.

3. Facebook video chatting : Facebook can also be used as video chat tool. Recently Facebook implemented video chat feature in partnership with Skype and now you can make video call to your friends using Facebook inbuilt video chat app.

4. Facebook as source of information and news : Talking about positives of Facebook it is a social networking site and it is one of the best source to stay updated with latest news and updates.

5. Facebook as personal portfolio : Facebook launched Facebook timeline in sometime back and it gives a complete new look in terms of your personal profile branding. With Facebook timeline cover you can easily create your first impression or you can be creative and you can use cover picture to tell people about you.

Disadvantages of Facebook :

1. Facebook privacy : One of the major concern and disadvantage of Facebook is to do with Facebook privacy. In the past it has created more buzz due to sudden change in Facebook privacy settings but now Facebook has simplified its privacy setting.

2. Fake Facebook profile : Facebook allows phone verification but there is no check on fake Facebook profile. You will find tons of fake profile with beautiful profile picture of any girl. There is no limit to such profile and most of them are created by marketers to gain more friends and then to use it for marketing purpose.

3. Not using Facebook list feature : Many users still don’t use Facebook list feature which is very helpful to keep your updates targeted to specific friend list like college friends, office friends and so on.

4. Time consuming : Of all the Facebook disadvantages this is one of the most common reasons why people delete their Facebook profile. People spend too much time on this social networking site. Facebook offers many entertainment applications and games which will keep user engaged. If you want to use Facebook for your advantages , use it for certain limit in a day. Too much of Facebook, might make your Facebook addict and you might end up wasting too much time on Facebook.

So glad to meet such a lovely and caring people in Phoenix, AZ, USA

During my business trip to San Jose, I decided to fly over to Phoenix, AZ and see my brother Chi. Vinayaka Sarma, who happens to go through a lot of issues with health. He has been, over the last 10 months hospitalized for almost 4 or more times. Guess what, among our family, my brother stays alone in the Phoenix but after my recent visit to him, I feel, we have a bigger family in AZ. Saying from heart, never seen such a loving and caring families. Here are some people I would like to call out and offer deep sense of appreciation and love:

I arrived at San Jose on 6th October, 2012, went to work on 8th Oct. To my surprise, I got a ping on our internal communicator from Akhil Koo, saying he works out of Scottsdale office and friend of my brother. Wow, what an amazing guy, he is not just someone who work in IT industry, but an expert in spiritual front too. He gave me a lot of information as to how I can get a local phone number and introduced me to a colleague who actually help me in SJC office. He also mentioned, he would be meeting my brother almost on regular basis. Thank you my friend! What more, I landed at Phoenix airport around 10o’clock at the night on 12th October and Akhil and his wife Minu (very nice to meet you dear!) were there to pick me and drop me off at the hospital where my brother is admitted. And yes, Minu, thanks for that lovely food… Sorry guys, you had to drive all the way back home late at night.

Next morning, Akhil was kind enough to visit hospital, took me to his place for a shower and an awesome lunch… I love the way Minu and Akhil helps each other. You are a lovely couple! And what? was my brother alone in the hospital while I was away and resting at Akhil’s place? No, Rajender, a member of the Temple’s board was taking care of my brother. Thank you friend! Really appreciated. Sorry, I couldn’t spend much time with you. But sure, we get an opportunity.

My US phone starts buzzing and all of them were from affectionate people like Mr. Ramesh Natarajan, Mrs. Chitra etc., who care a lot about Vinay and discussing his condition and the plan to get him to India. Later in the evening, Mr. Kalyan picked me at Akhil’s place and dropped me off at the hospital; not just that, he brought food for Vinay and took me home for a lovely dinner (Thanks Chitra aunty! – I liked all the food) and yes, good to meet you, Sangeetha!

Sorry Aparna and Anil, we couldn’t have dinner but it was great pleasure to meet you and of course your baby! Later in the night, Minu Akhil came again to see Vinay…

Next day, again took me home for shower and lunch (Minu, again lovely lunch… I loved those chillies) and loved the lovely chat we three of us had… By the time, I got back to hospital with Akhil, Shri. Bhaskar, Karu and Mouli was there discussing with doctors the condition of Vinay. Wow, Bhaskar, you are right, you are close to become a doctor! Thank you and Mrs. Lavanya so much for all the love and care. Bhaskar had a chat at length with doctors and in fact, was helping doctors to get as much information as possible.

In spite having a busy day, Minu Akhil came to the hospital in teh evening and we went out for dinner… guys, you didn’t eat well:) Akhil had a long chat with my uncle planned to do some spiritual activity for speedy recovery of my brother. Thanks again Akhil.

Next morning, I decided to fly back to SJC and Bhaskar gave me a ride in spite the early in the morning. We have discussed so many things and am very happy.

You guys are awesome! Never seen such a caring folks that too in a non-resident country. Love you all. Next time I visit the United States, I probably choose an option to work from Scottsdale office:-) I miss you all! Thank you all once again for all the support, help, love and care! Good luck to everyone. I’m sure, I missed out many helping hands on this post but all you are in my heart! Thanks each one of you.

See you soon, again!

To all our teachers…

Dear Teachers,
We apologies, this post should have come in yesterday, but for some technical reasons, it failed:-(

You taught us just not the subjects in each class but… values, how to live, love, care and what not! You taught us how to lead a successful life, shown us the best way to build career, you gave us the skills! You are one among those responsible people for what we are today!

We know, we are quite far from you today, but you all remain in our hearts all the time and we are sure, you bless us wherever we live and wherever you live!

It’s always true that we don’t realize value of anyone at the right time, we might have felt bored with home work and some of us even must have felt, whey teachers are so strict and trouble students, but we surely realize the fact, all of acts that you make are for our prosperity and success! We love you for ever! We respect you, as always!

With all love and sincerely,
-Hema Srinivasu

A quick trip to Tamilnadu!

While some changes are taking place in Vasu’s career; we had a quick trip Tamilnadu as suggested by our Guruji… We must say, the luck was with us all the time. While we looked at the train reservations, there was only one train “Mailadutarai Express” which has no tickets available. However, we got the onward tickets in Tatkal quota. It’s about 7.5 hours journey and time went off without our notice. We got down at Trichy and took an auto to Sriragam; checked in at the Hotel Pilgrim Palace, very close to the main temple (just adjacent to the temple). Morning we have decided to take bath in Kaveri river; we didn’t know it’s such a walkable distance of less than about a kilometer and got into an auto. We must warn you all that you should never trust auto drivers; they eat up all the money for no reason. They charged us INR 40 for less than a kilometer. OK, we have reached The Kaveri, sadly there is not so much of water and river surroundings is very dirty. I am sure, humans are responsible for it. Further, we had a great Darshan at Ranganath Swamy temple. Though there wasn’t so much crowd, some of the priests make you haste:-(

Next, we hired a cab and wnt to Tiruvarur – birth place of Shri. Thyagaraja who is known to be Guru of Carnatic Classical Music. It’s unfortunate that local community does not aware much about their own great person. Further, we left to Madivgudi and saw Shri. Rajagopala Swamy temple; then we left to Tanjavuru; a great temple of Lord Shiva. Indeed lovely temple. We had a fortune to see Arathi for the Big Maha Nandi.

Next day, we have seen Shri Narasimha Swamy temple, Jambhukeshwari and post lunch we climbed about 150 steps to see lord Ganesha. Another amazing temple. Though we had a pleasant time, climate was very hot.

Over all it was a devotional trip! We hope the best things happen for all of us!

A joyful trip to Kanyakumari and Trivendrum

Earlier this month, we got to know about the Access India Convention, a meet up of visually impaired people, who are members of the Access India mailing list and we have planned to along with another couple, Kameshwari Kiran Kumar, who are good friends to us. We have booked our tickets and there our excitement is started.

It so happened, our scheduled flight for 11th November has been cancelled due to operational reasons and we were booked on the next day morning flight by Kingfisher airlines. So we had to wake up as early as 2 am (IST) and get to the airport. Again, the flight got delayed by a few minutes. We finally reached Trivendrum just before the inaugural session of the convention.

Deligates at the Inaguration of Access India Convention 2011

Deligates at the Inaguration of Access India Convention 2011

Convention was inaugurated by Prof. Veera Raghavan, an eminent professor and delivered an excellent keynote. It was pleasure to meet several good friends Kiran Kaja, Dipendra Manocha, Harish Kotian, Sudhir, Ramana and several others.

HemaVasu with Kameshwari at the TVM Hotel

HemaVasu with Kameshwari at the TVM Hotel

Then we checked into Hotel Prashanth, a very excellent hotel and towards the evening we had been to the Kovalam Beach! Wow, what a awesome place that is. We all enjoyed in the water and spent quite a bit of time. It so happened, we wanted to have a dinner around the beach, but we did not have any cash in hand but all electronic cards and neither the hotels accept the cards and there was no ATM nearby. So we had to come back and have our dinner. Although they took a lot of time to serve our food, noteworthy is that the food quality and the taste is superb! We all loved it.

HemaVasu at Hotel Prashanth while waiting to have break fast

HemaVasu at Hotel Prashanth while waiting to have break fast

Next day mroning, we took a train to Kanyakumari, which is about 3 hours journey; we had a great time, talking among us, seeing the nature and the three hours just gone without our notice!

We have checked into Hotel Samudra. I must say the tariff of the hotels both at Trivendrum and Kanyakumari are indeed worth and we are so much satisfied. Rooms are so spacious and the rooms we got were sea facing and we could absolutely see the Vivekananda Rock Memorial right from our room. We quickly had awesome food at Hotel Saravana and got into boad to visit Vivekananda Rock Memorial.

Kameshwari and HemaVasu enjoying the boad ride to reach VRM

Kameshwari and HemaVasu enjoying the boad ride to reach VRM

. It was just about 15 minutes boat ride and we have reached the Rock Memorial. Wow! What a nice place. We enjoyed every moment being there, at the temple, at meditation room. It was indeed awesome experience. We bought a couple of books that reads the values thought by Shri. Swami Vivekananda and his history.
HemaVasu at Vivekananda Rock Memorial

HemaVasu at Vivekananda Rock Memorial

. Unfortunately, due to the clouds, we couldn’t see the sunset and return to the hotel. Oh! Yes, again, we had a great food. We decided to wake early in the morning and see the sun raise and we made it! That was totally unforgettable experience.
Sunraise at Kanyakumari on 13th November, 2011

Sunraise at Kanyakumari on 13th November, 2011

Then we had spent some good time at the Beach and then returned to Trivendrum. We wanted to visit Shri. Padmanabha swami temple and while we enter the temple, we were asked to get the procedure from the Temple’s office and personnel at the temple office are not at all helpful, respectful, not responsive at all and we had to return without the Darshan. In the evening we had been to Kovalam beach again and enjoyed almost couple of hours in the water. Oh! Yes, we originally scheduled to return on 14th November, night itself, but Kingfisher’s flight got cancelled again and we were offered stay in a hotel and booked in the next day morning flight. Even that flight got cancelled and thanks to Kingfisher’s staff, we got booked on another airline and back home with smile.

Some more pictures of our trip:

KameshwariKiran and HemaVasu at the Vivekananda Rock Memorial

KameshwariKiran and HemaVasu at the Vivekananda Rock Memorial

The beach

The beach

Vivekananda Rock Memorial

Vivekananda Rock Memorial

KameshwariKiran & HemaVasu at the Rock Memorial with sea background

KameshwariKiran & HemaVasu at the Rock Memorial with sea background

Raichur to Tanuku and back!! – our first Deepavali!

Ok guys, we are here again with updating you some news and how we spent our first Deepavali!

During mid October, we had a visit (unfortunately, not a very pleasant except the main event we went for) to Raichur. Oh! The climate was absolutely worse! (but yes, better than Chennai weather during May!!). Anyway, we have no intention to visit this place ever again unless if some of you have any occasion!

Well, we had been there to celebrate White Cane Safety Day at Shri. Manik Prabhu Academy for the Blind, Raichur. The event was superb! The energy shown by the students (tiny kids) was awesome. They walked for about 10 KMs on sunny morning (Hema and I were tired indeed!) There were some good suggestions given to the RTO and District Disability officer that includes, all the traffic staff should be sensitized towards people with disabilities and license holders should be informed the tips to help people with disabilities. While District Disability officer mentioned that he would endeavor to bring in necessary funds from the central and state governments to support people with disabilities with all necessary assistive gadgets.

Ok, that was about Raichur. Towards the end of October, we all seen the festival of lights – Yes, belated happy Diwali to all of you! We had combined celebrations. Prior to Diwali, we had been to Muramalla, a village in East godavari District (thanks to Gopalam tata garu) and took part of in Shri. Badrakali Samethe Veereswari Swami‘s Kalyanam. It was a nice temple. Kalyanam started around 6:30 pm and went on till about 9:00 pm that includes pavalimpu seva etc. And yes, we haven’t missed Paaduta Teeyaga program on ETV!!!

Now, Diwali – we had a great time with lights, Hema’s mom and light crackers! It would have been much fun and enable us to spend time at ground floor of the apartment, if all neighbors think of playing light crackers. Let’s hope that for next year! We can’t forget yumnmy pulihora and Rava kesari we had!!

Check out the photographs on our Flickr stream

Let us know what you all been up to… Until then,


Our upcoming travel plans!

Lesson that I have learnt recently is that either we need to plan our travel plans at least 2 to 3 months in advance or else, forget about them. It’s absolutely waste to keep any hopes on getting tickets in Tatkal except we are as lucky as my sis-in-law Deepthi!! I know, who the credit should go to.

Hence, I have decided, going forward, it’s always better to make our plans well in advance and below are some of our plans for this last quarter in 2012.

We will be at Raichur on 15th and 16th October, 2011 to participate in International White Cane Day at Shri. Manik Prabhu Academy for the Blind. Then we shall see surroundings and take a train back on 16th October, night.

We will be at Tanuku from 25th to 27th October, on the eve of Deepavali. Come on… let’s have a colorful but safe Deepavali.

Then we will be at Trivendrum from 12th to 14th November to participate in a conference plus a short trip to Kanyakumari etc.

And yes, again, we will be at Tanuku from 4th to 6th December, 2011. I know, some of you will meet us at Tanuku, but if any of you happens to be at other places like Trivendrum etc, do feel free to say hello! It would be a nice catch up.

Yet to plan trips are our annual holiday at the end of December 2011 and for Sankranthi in January 2012. Stay tuned!!

By the way, Wishing you all a very happy Dussarah! I used to enjoy a lot during my school time. Will write a blog post about my festive experiences separately!


Our vision

It’s been long time, we have been trying to work with different organizations and individuals to see if we can partner with them to run an accessibility business; yes, business, we don’t believe accessibility as a charity activity and in fact, clients do get benefit from business prospective.

Two such attempts have been failed and we have just started third attempt together with a fourth attempt. Since, these attempts are with someone we know, that they care about, we trust, we would be able to start a successful venture.

All that we are trying to do is to create new opportunities and awareness in the area of accessibility.

As a start, we would soon, announce, accessibility classes at Bangalore and then, they would spread across. We believe, it’s time, that there is more need and opportunities in accessibility industry and we like most people benefit from this. We see, there is huge employment opportunities for all in general and especially, for people with disabilities.

Please wish us all the best and do write to us, if you would like to partner with us or spread the word around.

Thanks in advance,

One month….

This is exactly one month that we got married! Sorry, couldn’t write any posts or pages for a month since we were quite busy with hectic traveling and visiting relatives and friends!

On the outset, we sincerely thank everyone who took some of their valuable time and joined us both for our Wedding at Tanuku and reception at Bangalore! Thanks a lot for your blessings, they really mean a lot to us.

Here is a quick update on how the month it was!

On 24th June, 2011, we got married and started our journey of life! We are really excited! Early hours of 25th June, we left to Guntur (House of Vasu’s Uncle Shri. Marthanda Sharma) and next two days were a lot of fun in the midst of several relatives and knowing families of each of us. On 27th June, we performed Shri. Sathyanaraja Vratham, a very auspicious event after the wedding. Thanks to Vasu’s uncle, Vinay (Vasu’s brother), Ramu (our nephew) and Shyam (another Pundit Ji), who performed this even in a highly vydic way! Also, we thank all our relatives for having joined us.

On the same day evening, we left to Tanuku to give send off to Hema’s Sister and brother-in-law Mrs. Deepthi and Mr. Kalyan Chaitanya, who left to Hyderabad and then to Italy! We are sure, they both are having awesome time over there! On 29th Vasu’s mother and grand mother visited Tanuku and in the evening, we had a great photo session (some are uploaded and some are yet to, watch out for link). We have received a great send off from Hema’s family (a difficult situation for Hema’s mother but she gave us send off with a lot of love and blessings) and boarded train to Bangalore. Hema did enjoy her first travel in AC 2 tier. Reached Bangalore on 30th June and got busy with preparation for our reception. On 1st July, we have seen a good number of friends and well wishers in the reception (missed many more though) at Nandana Palace, Domlur and returned home at 11 PM and yet had a lot of fun with another cup of tea along with Vasu’s brothers, sister-in-law! What a memorable moments it was.

On 2nd July, we left to Tirupathi for holy darshan of Lord Venkateswara and we felt so blessed and lucky that we managed to have Darshan in just 20 minutes for about 5 to 7 minutes and Hema’s Aunt suggested, we went to Kanipakam and there too we had a great Darshan of Lord Vinayaka! Wow, what a great energy that Vasu’s grand mother has. She was going all around to collect Prasadam etc. Also, we can’t forget the memorable dinner we had with Vamshi’s family at Tirupathi. We are thrilled by the love of Vamshi’s parents.

Further we went to Tanuku to celebrate our 16 days festival then to Maniknagar for Holy Darshan of His Holiness Shri. Manik Prabhu. Later, we spent a day at Hyderabad at Vasu’s brothers house and also had darshan of His Holiness Shri. Rajasekharam. With his advise, we have recently visited Udupi to have Darshan of Lord Krishna. Not to forget, thanks for the hospitality we have received at Rama (Vasu’s aunt) place specially to her daughter Miss. Bhavya, who took us all over the temples and to other relatives.

Well, how can we forget the experience of Hema’s first air travel and our memorable trip to Lunavalla and Pune. Only sad part, due to an unavoidable reasons, we had to cancel our Shirdi Trip.

Alright, signing off now to celebrate our first month anniversary! Meanwhile, visit our Pictures on Flickr


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